Freeze Dried Aloe Vera Powder Decolorized 40X(AVP002)

Freeze Dried Aloe Vera Powder Decolorized 40X from Terry Laboratories.


Appearance: Fine Crystalline Powder

Color: White to Light Beige

pH (1:39): 3.5 – 5.0

Specific Gravity (1:39): 0.99 – 1.01

% Moisture: 8% Maximum

Total Aloe Solids: 20% Minimum

Microbial Assay:

  • Total Plate Count: < 10 cfu/g
  • Yeast and Mold: < 10 cfu/g
  • No Pathogens Present

All testing is performed at 25°C unless otherwise noted.


  • Potassium Sorbate: 0.50%
  • Sodium Benzoate: 0.50% 

Packaging: Per customer request. One (1) lb. net weight minimum.

Cautions: Store in a cool, dry place. Once reconstituted, product will darken with age. Additional preservatives must be added after reconstitution.

Shelf life: 3 years from date of manufacture (unopened container).

Process Flow

The process for creating our Freeze Dried Aloe Vera Powder Decolorized 40X starts with harvesting the Aloe Vera leaves. The leaves are washed, fileted by mechanical squeezers and rinsed to remove Aloin. Filets are put in a grinder. Pulp and fibers are removed, aloe is heat treated, goes though a filtration process and preservatives are added before product is freeze dried and packaged per the customer’s request.

Typical Applications


  • Glamour Cosmetics
  • Sun Care and After Sun Products
  • Hand and Body Lotions/Gels
  • Skin Cleansers
  • Moisturizers
  • Bath and Body Products
  • Shampoos and Conditioners
  • Styling/Sculpting Gels
  • Shaving/Depilatory Preparations
  • Bath Powders


  • 15% Single Strength Equivalent (SSE) minimum for product effectiveness.


  • BSE/TSE-free
  • GMO-free
  • Pesticide-free
  • No animal testing


For more information about our Freeze Dried Aloe Vera Powder and other products, contact Terry Laboratories today at 1-800-FOR-ALOE.

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