Case Study #2

This was a 30-day ten subject Case Study to evaluate the effects of NaturLOCK™ on: white blood cell count and establish its safety and effectiveness for human use.

It is estimated by the CDC that over 5 million Americans have a less than normal effective immune system.

NaturLOCK™ proved in this study to have some positive effects on WBC’s in the human body. During the course of this study subjects immune system was impacted in a positive way. The use of this product may help build peoples immune system.

Four of the ten subjects had low WBC levels on the first day of this study. Those numbers moved into normal ranges at Day 30.

Eosinophils were very high in two subjects at Baseline but went into the normal range with retesting on Day 30.Their functions include: movement to inflamed areas, trapping substances, killing cells, antiparasitic and bactericidal activity, participating in immediate allergic reactions, and modulating inflammatory responses.

Neutrophils were lower than normal in three subjects at Baseline of this Case Study and within normal ranges on Day 30. Neutrophils are the most abundant (40% to 75%) type of white blood cells in mammals and form an essential part of the innate immune system.

No negative side effects were reported by any of the subjects. Three subjects noticed an increase of bowel movements from once every other day to every day. Five subjects said their clothes were fitting looser by the final Day of this study. Nine of the subjects’ said they had more energy and felt better on Day 30 than they did on Day 1.

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