Aloe Vera Gel REG 1X (AG003)

NATURLOCK SYSTEM™ There is little disagreement that the polysaccharides found in Aloe Vera play a critical role in the benefits found in this miraculous plant. Universally, scientists agree that, while the total polysaccharide content is important, more important is the Molecular Weight Distribution (MWD) of those polysaccharides. The point of differentiation between the various suppliers of Aloe Vera should be how their Molecular Weight Distribution compares to “Mother Nature” – what is typically found in the leaf. Terry Laboratories’ new, revolutionary NaturLOCK System™ was developed to mimic, as closely as possible, what is typically found in “Nature”. This proprietary improvement in growing, harvesting and processing Aloe Vera is the first major development since 1999. The chart below reflects the comparison of NaturLOCK System™ Aloe Vera Gel 1X to “Mother Nature”.

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