Ashraf Noorgat

Market Specialist • Ingredients Plus, Australia

Partnering with Terry Laboratories has differentiated us from our competitors by being able to service the market with guaranteed quality Aloe Vera Products that exceeds the customer’s expectations. Backed up by technical evidence, independent testing of its products and GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) status, in our opinion no other aloe vera products can match this benchmark. Releasing the NaturLOCK has set a new standard in Aloe with its scientific studies enabling us to work with new market trends for guaranteed and clinically proven health and well-being products. We look forward to many years of business growth with the world’s oldest and largest Aloe Vera supplier. The customer service, technical expertise and guaranteed quality of their aloe vera products means we are proud to be associated with Terry Laboratories as their distributor in Australia and New Zealand. Being able to prove to our customers that not all aloe vera products are the same has won over many critics and they are now our valuable customers. We look forward to continuous successful growth with Terry Lab in years to come and well done to Jim and his team for their outstanding commitments and drive to make aloe vera products a proven products for its well being benefits. All aloe’s are not the same and this is where Terry Laboratories with its years of experience and technical expertise has set the new benchmark. Being a partner with Terry Laboratories, we have been proud to promote Terry Lab’s aloe vera products, which guarantee a quality of aloe that will deliver to users the full benefits of what mother nature created. Their level of quality, consistency and service has delivered consistent growth over the last few years and we look forward to continuing this successful partnership in the years to come.

René Guldimann

Vice President Cosmetics • Rahn-Group

The very best nature can offer – and the best of enduring partnerships! RAHN’s very close collaboration with TERRY Labs for many years has helped us to develop a remarkable Aloe business within our responsible territories. RAHN is especially honoured to have a long-standing and mutually fruitful partnership with TERRY Labs. We are grateful for the professional, sincere and open relationship between both companies. Our partnership with TERRY Labs is based on appreciation, trust and commitment. We never cease to be inspired by our encounters with the staff at TERRY Labs. And we always enjoy the sense of mutual respect and conviviality that prevails. From the quality point of view, we have always experienced a continued and rigorously strict adherence to uncompromising quality, whether for the products or the customer service. On-time responses and prompt reactions to unique questions as well as customer questionnaires are not the exceptions, but the standard. Aloe Vera is all the world to TERRY Labs. We look very much forward to continuing our distribution activities for TERRY’s Aloe Vera and are greatly thankful for the valuable support we always receive.

Tuovi Mikkonen

Area Sales Manager, Coatings • R2 Group Sweden

Trustable Technical Service and Support, All licenses and certifications in place, For best products in performance and price – choose Terry Laboratories, our partner for Aloe Vera.

Claus Pedersen

Group Sales Manager, Chemicals • R2 Group A/S

We have been working together with Terry Laboratories for more than a decade, and we have always been very impressed by the quality aloe vera products supplied from Terry, during these years we have never received any quality claims. I think this really say’s it all. We acknowledge Terry as a reliable and trustworthy partner, and we give all the best recommendations to Terry.