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Aloe Vera Concentrate

Test for the Best

The greatest concern in the Aloe industry is the issue of adulteration – adding cheap fillers such as maltodextrin and making false label claims about the product concentration and the amount of Aloe Solids. We painstakingly explain the crucial difference between solids and Aloe Solids contained in a liquid or powder product. Our Boehringer Mannheim Starch Test reveals the exact percentage of maltodextrin and our HPLC test reveals the Malic Acid content which shows the quality and speed of processing. The minimum percentage is set by the IASC and we can show if this product is equal to these standards.

Terry Laboratories will test, free of charge, any blind competitive sample our customers are willing to send us. An analytical report will be available within 10 days. This is the foundation of our Customer Education philosophy and our lowest price guarantee.

Boehringer Manheim Starch Test

Approved testing method by IASC determines level of maltodextrin in Aloe Vera products. Maltodextrin is a inexpensive filler at $.35 per pound used in adulterated Aloe products.

Refractometer Test

Measures solids in liquid Aloe Vera concentrate – not necessarily all Aloe Vera solids.

Dry Down

Dries liquids out of product – leaves solids behind – not necessarily all Aloe Vera solids.

HPLC [High Performance Liquid Chromatography]

Tests how well the Aloe Vera has been processed. Determines Malic acid [good, naturally occurring], Fumeric acid [not good, comes from breakdown of Malic acid], or Lactic acid [worse, further breakdown of Fumeric acid].


Terry Laboratory employs a full contingent of scientists, chemists and other industry professionals to work directly with our valued clients in a variety of roles:

  • Free technical support through our in-house state-of-the-art laboratory.
  • Free formulation assistance as a value-added service. Terry Laboratories employs one of the industries most respected Aloe Vera formulators as well as a full-time microbiologist.
  • Free access to our extensive research reference library and formulary.
  • Customer service that is second to none in the industry.