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Aloe Vera Extracts & Concentrates From Terry Laboratories

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Terry Laboratories has been leading the Aloe Vera industry since 1973. We started with a simple vision to deliver the highest quality and purest Aloe Vera extracts and concentrates on the market.

Today, Terry Labs operates 3 facilities throughout Mexico and continues to grow annually. We have continued to lead the way in innovation with our NaturLOCK™ and Cryo dry™ processing methods that not only help to protect our Aloe Vera during the manufacturing process, but to make our Aloe a more biologically active Aloe than any other supplier on the market today.

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As Terry Laboratories is an IASC Certified Facility, we offer industry leading testing to all customers FREE of charge to help determine other Aloe Vera supplier’s quality. In keeping the forefront of technology and leading the way for future innovation, Terry Laboratories has also recently completed a series of 3 case studies on our NaturLOCK™ products. Contact us today to find out more on how Terry Laboratories can work with you to capture and make your ideas and vision a reality.

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Our Aloe Laboratories Are Creating Revolutionary Manufacturing Methods

Terry Labs' revolutionary NaturLOCK System™ just made all other 10X Aloe gels obsolete. Our gels contain more polysaccharides above 150,000 Daltons according to testing backed by the International Aloe Science Council (IASC). This manufacturing process has taken the quality of our Aloe extracts far beyond what our competitors are able to produce. Learn more about how the NaturLOCK System™ preserves more of Aloe’s benefits as nature intended.

At Terry Laboratories, We Have a Simple Philosophy: Truth & Purity

We are producing the purest Aloe Vera raw material on the market. We can say this because after more than 40 years in the industry, we’ve continually invested in our production and manufacturing process so that we can guarantee quality and maintain consistency of our Aloe Vera whole leaf gels, oil extracts, dried Aloe powders and Shea Butters. We aren't afraid to test our product against any other Aloe laboratory or manufacturer and we’re absolutely confident you won’t find anything even close to the quality of our products.

Manufacturer Of Certified Organic Aloe Vera And Shea Butter

We are certified by the IASC and have earned certification from the USDA and IFOAM for our complete line of Aloe Vera powders. We can assist you with creating formulations containing Aloe Vera or Shea Butter to ensure you are getting the most out of these amazing ingredients. For further information, call us at 1-800-FOR-ALOE or email us at info@terrylabs.com. Make your products the best in the world by using Aloe Vera from Terry Labs.

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